Work has never been so Hard.

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Hayer & Hayes Project

Work has never been so Hard.

A mocumentary about an office that doesn't know where to draw the line and when not to cross it.  


Directed by - Kevin Hayer and Elizabeth Hayes

Written By - Kevin Hayer and Elizabeth Hayes

Asst Director - Tony Alfaro

Camera - Ken W. Davis and Mike Milazo 

Edited - Tony Alfaro

Sound - Jeff Ng








Ashley Grace -

Mitchell J Davis -

Elizabeth Hayes -

Kevin Bosley -  

Kevin Hayer -

 Ethel Rose England -

Thomas Ross -

Charissa Marie -

Pablo Reyes -

 Kaio Davis -

Bree Mignano  - 

Jazmin Sandoval - 

 Krystina Whalen -


Behind the Scenes