On his thirtieth birthday, Theo faces off against his past.

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All Things Fall

On his thirtieth birthday, Theo is faced off against his past.



  • Best Use of Special Item - 10x10 Filmmaker Challenge, SACRAMENTO FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL (2017, Sacramento, CA)
  • Offical Selection - 7th Annual Festival of the Moving Image (November 2017, San Francisco, CA)



Kevin Bosley - Max

Anthony Bretting - Horton

Ken W. Davis - The Cat

Ashley Grace - Cindy

Kevin Hayer - Theo

Bree Mignano - Elizabeth

Pablo Reyes - Sam / The Cat

Jazmin Sandoval - Sally





Directed by - Tony Alfaro

Written by - Tony Alfaro and Kevin Hayer

Produced by - Kevin Hayer

Music by - John Kurnett

Cinematographor - Tony Alfaro

Editor - Tony Alfaro

Assistant Director - Kevin Hayer

Sound -  John Kurnett and Kyle Olvera

Gaffer / Grip - Ken W. Davis and Pablo Reyes

Costumer - Nikki Alfaro

Location Manager - Kevin Hayer

Special Thanks - Mandy IrvineJeff Ng, and Janet Sim